The different sentient races of the world are en legends the creation of either the titans or the primordial of the elemental chaos. This distinction is also seen in the different conflicts and struggles that exist between the races. Most of the time the children of the titans cannot coexist with the creations of the primordials, and vice versa.

The races will be categorised into to main segments. The races that are playable, and the ones that are not playable.

Playable: These are the races players can choose from.

Human: A numerous short lived race spread out all over the continents.

Dwarf: The stout and hardy people of the mountains and earth. One of the elder races.

Elf: The wise but seclusive people of the forrest islands. One of the elder races.

Gnome: An industrial and greedy race of small stature.

Ancient races: These races are the eldest of intelligens creatures, and are very long lived. They ruled the world thousand of years ago.

Dragons: Mighty winged reptiles that are masters of magic and physical might.

Giants: Great humanoids that are master craftman, artist, rune carvers and warriors.

Monstrous races: These are the violent and bestial races of the world. Often they are just raiders and pillagers. But sometimes they gather in huge hordes and lay waste to everything in their path.

Ogres: Large brutes that often pray on weaker races. Are mostly encountered in small bands and tribes in mountains or hills.

Goblins: Small but vicious greenskined race that often dwell in forrests or underground. Are mostly found in tribes. Often works with trolls.

Trolls: Large carnivorous and monstrous race. Are mostly solitary or found in small groups. There are different trolls in many different environments. Often works with goblins.

Uruks: The Uruks are pig-like and brutal race from the eastern planes. They venerate fire, and spend most of the time making war or preparing for war.

Many more more monterous races exists, but these are the most dominant ones and the one that poses the largest threat the communities and civilization as a whole.


Pathfinder Homegrown Setting (Work in progress) Jonas Byrresen