House Rules for the setting

The setting features different houserules that we feel both enforce the setting and help the feel of the world.

Crafting: There are to points that define crafting in the setting.

- Enhancement bonus is not magic. A +2 sword is just better craftmanship than a common sword. This will allow non-magic users to be able to make their own gear, with the right feats, and also be within character. Things like arrow deflection an flamming will still be magic.

- Crafting check will be harder than in the books. This i because the whole curse system is irelevant in the normal ruls, since normal characters cannot fail by enough to activate the system. Therefor crafting with magic will be harder, and filled with more riscs.
This system is a work in progress, but so far it goes: Craft DC = 15 + item lvl

Hero Points: The setting uses the Hero Point system found in the Advanced Players Guide for Pathfinder. Except that they cannot grant extra turns, as it is already a huge job to control the normal initiative.

Monsters: There will be changes for many of the monsters from the standard book. And some monsters will not be present in the setting. This list is a work in progress, since there are alot of monsters.

Also, the monsters in the book are examples of an normal monster that have just reached adulthood. Advanced monster, and with character class are not that rare. For example an ogre tribe could easily have a warparty with a good handfull of class lvls.

- Dragons: See race entry for dragons.

- Giants: See race entry for giants.

- Elementals: All true elementals are chaotic in nature, but not always evil.

- Demons: All demons also have an elemental subtype added, so that they fit into a specifik environment.

- Orcs: This race does not exist in the setting.

House Rules for the setting

Pathfinder Homegrown Setting (Work in progress) Jonas Byrresen