This plane is seen as the ultimate punishment by the believers of The All-Father. A layered plane ruled by the prince of evil and sin, Belial, and populated by sinners and legions of unholy beast that serve the dark prince.

Priests describe it as a layered plane, where the degree of sins one did in life determines ones place here for eternity. Each layer is dominated by a certain kind of punishment, and the deeper one goes the more severe are the punishment, and the sins committed to end here.

At the top the sins are things like being a bad wife, gambling and lying. In the middle there is being unfaithful, stealing or not believing in the salvation of The All-Father. At the bottom lies the traitors and people that made pact with dark entities.

The different layers, and their punishments, vary a lot. Some layers use a burning hellfire to punish, while other layers look like slaughter houses where sinners are flayed alive. The worst sinners are placed in the torture chambers of Belial himself.

Sceptics against The Church of The ALl-father think that the inspiration for hell might have come from a priest or magic user catching a climpse of the elemental chaos.


Pathfinder Homegrown Setting (Work in progress) Jonas Byrresen