Names: The Great Maw, The Beast King, Render of Flesh

Portfolio: Beastial humanoids and giants, savagery


Description: Gormagorn is the demonic earth spirit that has created creatures such as ogres, trolls, minotaurs and gnolls. These creatures worship it in different forms as their god and maker. Its worship focuses around bloody strife, the consummation of slain enemies, violation of others and corruption of mortals into beastial monsters.

Mortals have little knowledge of Gormagorn, but altars to it are sometime found in caverns inhabited by its progeny, or other places deep underground. The depiction varies between the beastial races, but always a great horned monster with one or more demonic maws. Some elite veteran soldiers and knights may have some experience in combating the servants of this blood thirsty primordial.


Pathfinder Homegrown Setting (Work in progress) Jonas Byrresen