The Elyssium is the home of the All Father and final resting place for the faithful souls of man.

Holy dogma talks about Elyssium as a waste land Blessed with the life giving warmth of a huge sun in the sky, where the pious and faithful can spend eternity amongst the golden fields, orchards and peaceful cities. On this plane there is enough food and wine for everybody, the woods are filled with animals to hunt, but no predators. And most important of all, there is no sin.

The center of Elyssium is the silver palace of The All Father. From here he can survey all his worshippers as well as send out his forces to battle the forces of sinners and Hell.

This plane is seen by believers of The All Father as the end goal of existence, the place that is actually the goal, and the reward for living a good life. But all must rely on the words of the priest what this plane is, and how to get there.


Pathfinder Homegrown Setting (Work in progress) Jonas Byrresen