Elemental planes

The elemental planes are chaotic and demonic worlds that have leeched onto the material plane, in an attempt to corrupt and eventually destroy the creations of the old gods and the titans.

Legends tell of four corrupted and tainted islands infused with the chaotic power of the primordials. These islands were leeched onto Terra, by corrupted tendrils of magic. Each of these islands is now a beachhead for the demonic spirits that seeks to cross over, into the world of mortals.

The islands are called the elemental planes, since each of them represents one part of the chaotic elements. Each of them is a corrupted version of the martial plane. Mages tell that when one sees into the elemental planes, they see the place they are, twisted by the elements. All things found on the material plane can be found here, from forests to cities, all destroyed and worn by the elements. This means that if one crosses over while standing in a city, one will still be in a city, just one exposed to the raging elements.

- The plane of fire: A scorched and burned version of the material plane. Filled with fire demons and volcanic activity.
- The plane of air: A windblown and arid version of the material plane. Everything is worn down to dust and rubble, and a howling wind is constantly blowing.
- The plane of earth: Everywhere the large fissures and earthquakes rule this plane. Constantly lands disappear and new mountains shot up in a matter of seconds.
- The plane of water: A world where everything is beneath water. Like a huge tidal wave have crushed and drowned all.

Stories tell of places in the world where the veil between the worlds are thin, and creatures of the elements can cross over. Most of these places are tied to a specifik element. For example is there a chance that a forrest fire would rip open small gabs into the plane of fire. This is also the reason many fear elemental magic, since it might summon forth demons.

Sages also have a theory that some of the elemental planes sometimes entvine into eachother, and that this clash might cause an effect on the material plane, since they are tied together with tendrils of magic. This could be when an volcano erupts, and the reason is the plane of fire and plane of earth colliding. But non of this can be confirmed.

Elemental planes

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