Cosmos and the planes

Terra/The Material Plane:
The home of all mortals, and center of cosmos, according to most sages of the old faith. Most believe the material plane was created as the focus plane of existence by the old gods. And island floating in the astral sea, to be a home for material part of existence. While others say it is a waystation to test mortals.

It referred to as Terra by many people. A word that many scholars believe stems from either the ancient races, or is word invented by the titans themselves.

The material plane is mostly a staple place that follows the laws of nature and time. But it is surrounded by other planes of existence on all side, and by using magic; these planes can influence the world of mortals.

Since the material plane is the center piece for the setting, details and specific locations can be found elsewhere in the wiki.

Old faith and Titan faith view:
Old legends claim that the old gods created the astral sea as an embodiment of existence, both life, death, time and magic.

On this waste cosmic ocean they molded as waster floating island. This was to be the center of the attention. First it was the home of their mighty children, the titans, and since the mortal races. This island was the material plane, the world known as Terra.

But as time went by other island in this waste sea was created by other powerful being. The titans created a world for themselves, when they decided not to interfere in the lives of the mortal anymore. And by using the strands of magic in the astral sea, they tethered their world to that of the mortals, so they could protect them.

But from the darkest corners of the cosmos came the chaotic primordials, ancient enemies of the old gods. These elemental and demonic spirits created their own islands, ruled by the raging powers of the abyss. By then the old gods was too late in discovering that the primordials and their demonic servants could also use the strains of magic in the astral sea. By infesting the waves of magic the chaotic elemental islands leeched onto the home of the mortals.

The gift of magic had been used by the enemies of the old gods. And now the material plane and the home of all mortals are in a state of conflict, in which the chaotic primordials do battle with the mighty titans. And the battles are fought with the lives of mortals.

Arbora: Home of the old gods. Seen as the place, where existence spring from. Called the astral plane by some.

Domain of Pentera: Home of the titans. Legends describe it as a heroic version of the material plane, where everything is on a grrander scale.

The chaotic abyss: Home of the primordial evils and the elemetal demons. Ancient lore refers to this place as the darkness beneath the astral sea.

Elemental planes: Also known as the elemental chaos by most mortals. Legends claim this i actually four worlds, one for each elements, that they are perverted version of the material plane and that sometimes demons can cross over from these worlds.

Cosmos view based on the teachings of The All Father:
The church of The All Father, and the belief structure it is based upon, has very different view of the cosmos, especially compared to the two other major religions that it competes with.

For them there is only three planes of existence, the material world of mortals, the heavenly home of the All Father and the burning home of all evil, Hell. These three planes are layered on top of eachother, with the Hell in the bottom, material plane in the middle and so forth. The purpose of Terra is to provide a realm, in which mortals are tested. If they are sinners they will go to hell after death, or if they are pious they will be blessed in Elyssium.

According to the church, only The All Father and the current lord of hell can allow travel to and from the world of mortals, and if mages and such claim otherwise, then they are possesed by a malign spirit.

They view the cosmos of old faith and titan faith as heretic propaganda, made up by archaic druids and priest, as well as the lesser races of the mountains and forrest.

Elyssium: According to the priest of the All Father Elyssium is the world beyond the material plane. A place where the worthy live and everything is near perfect.

Hell: The alleged evil realm of punishment for sinners and the unworthy.

Cosmos and the planes

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