Church of the All Father

Names: The All Father, The Light Bringer, Bringer of Hope and Salvation

Portfolio: Light, Protection, salvation, mercy


Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace

Description: The newest of the religion is the church of the All Father. This new faith came to the north western part of the world only recently from the south, and have spread to a dozen human cities and town. But the faith is still not large enough to compete with either the old faith or the many believers of the titans. The spread of this faith rumors to have started with on pilgrim, and is now spread by traveling prophets that seek to convert all to their faith.

The central believe of this religion is that the whole world is created by one almighty god. All mortal races spring from mankind, and the other races are just sub races suited for different environments. The All Father places mankind on this plane to test them. Those who prove themselves worthy are given access to his kingdom in heaven, and those who fail in life is cast aside.

To test the mortals The All Father put a lot of temptations in the world, such as prostitution and other pleasures of the flesh, and created the great corrupter Belial, to send forth demons and devils to test the courage of men. This lead to that the followers of the All Father see life as only a test, and that the real part of existence is found in the afterlife.

This faith is popular amongst humans, both rich and poor. The poor seek comfort in piety and a better life after this, and many rich people and merchants like the idea of putting the elder races in their place. This leads to a lot of support for the new church, in some areas, both in form of money, but also faithful followers.

Another reason for many to follow the church, is because of its politics on magic. Only divine magic is good, since it is a gift from the All-father. Arcane magic is seen as a byproduct of the evil seeping out of hell, and is therefor dangerous. Many wizards and magisters have met their end at the hand of zealous believers.

The tenants of this faith often lead its practitioners into open conflict with other religions and races. The followers of the All Father believe that everyone should be saved, and that all of mankind should be united. By doing this they openly oppose the mighty established churches of the titan faith, and the sovereignty of the other races.

Especially dwarf, elves and priest of the titans oppose this religion. They call it a fanatic faith that only wants to subdue and take control of all, by brainwashing the masses. It is by many of the elder races seen as direct attack on both them as a race, and the gods that formed and protects the material plane, and some scholars even believe that the whole faith may be a hoax made up by some primordial demon named Belial that might feed upon the fears and ignorance of mortals. This is ofcource scoffed at by true believers of the All Father.

Church of the All Father

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